Quail hunting season at Live Oak Plantation will begin in October and ends March 15.

Running a quail hunt since 1989, Live Oak Plantation serves people from all over the world. Utilizing their jeeps with wagons to take you and your team out for the hunt, they offer full day trips and half day trips.

Mary Westbrook, Lodge Manager, says Live Oak Plantation is quite popular during hunting season for many reasons.

"Live Oak Plantation is a popular place to hunt because of the service and hospitality we provide," said Westbrook. "The entire staff is great; people come knowing that they are going to have a great time hunting and the meals are among the best! We have been in business for over 32 years and we still have clients that come since we have opened the doors, which truly says a lot about a place."

For more information on Live Oak Plantation's quail hunting trips or prices, visit huntliveoak.com or call (229) 896- 2112.