Justin Lanier comes to Live Oak Plantation with a lot of experience. Lanier has been fishing since he was six years old and tournament fishing since 18 years old. When fishing, some of Justin's favorite baits to use are a poppin frog, walking bait, super fluke, whopper ploppers and a wacky worm just to name a few. 

“Any day on the water is a great day for him," said Lanier. 

While this is Justin's first year guiding at Live Oak Plantation, we are excited to have him with us! While guiding at Live Oak, Justin starts his day by greeting his guests at the lodge and then they are off to the big lakes where all the excitement takes place. Justin uses a 2R20 Triton to take guests out on. 

As a guide, Justin enjoys being able to show people how to fish and watching them catch their personal best gets him excited! 

“At the end of the day that's what it's all about, having fun and making memories,” said Lanier. “Live Oak has some of the best fishing and southern hospitality in the south.”