Jeff Blanton has over 30 years of guiding and has loved being on the water since he was a little boy. He has had the chance to film with Shaw Grigsby and also host and be on the Outdoor Addiction channel where they were featured on the sportsman channel and several local fishing channels.

Most mornings start out around 6:00 am- 6:30 am, depending on the time change. He always meets and picks up the customer they are taking out. They usually troll the waters to see where the fish are and are always searching for the big one.

“I can vouch that Live Oak has some big, healthy bass,” said Jeff. “It's not hard to put 50-100 bass in the boat for a full day of fishing.” They usually go in and take a lunch break with a delicious meal prepared by the chef. If you like southern hospitality, good food and fishing, you are definitely in the right place. “When guiding here at Live Oak, I always make sure I have my favorite lures with me which would be super flukes, senkos, suspending jerk baits, crank baits and top water frogs just to name a few,” said Jeff. He loves the water and loves every opportunity to get to take someone out. Not only does he enjoy fishing, he also enjoys teaching people how to fish and seeing them catch fish for the first time is just as rewarding to him!