They troll the lakes the first four hours of the morning catching, then comes one of the other perks of fishing, LUNCHTIME. They always break for lunch around 12:00-12:30 and look forward to the delicious meal that is about to be served. You name it and Live Oak has it. After lunch they head back out for another afternoon on the water. Usually on an average day, they catch from 25-75 bass in a full day, sometimes even more ranging from 3 lbs all the way up to 10-11 lbs. Some of his favorite baits to use are deep diving crankbaits, Spook, Lipless crankbait and Z Pop.

Barrett says a day of fishing at Live Oak is like no other experience.

β€œIt's the best all the way down from the customer to the southern hospitality,” said Barrett. β€œTo me it's a great getaway from work and slow down and just live one fish at a time. To me, it's about the customer and the excitement on their face when they catch a big one. That's what fishing is all about!”